Tuesday, October 24, 2006


by Hillary Roberts, Voices of Hope Contributor, Founder, Project Linus NJ, Inc.

In the small fishing village of Keyport, New Jersey residents are banding together to help fix playgrounds and parks in disrepair. A grassroots effort calling themselves, "Open Hearts for Keyport Parks" has taken on the renovation project. The volunteers are banding together with local rocker, Jon Caspi, on the first fundraiser - a benefit concert.

Last year, Jon Caspi helped put Keyport on the map with the release of his CD entitled "This Town." This time around, the man who many residents jokingly refer to as "Keyport's next mayor" and who recently had a sandwich named after him by a diner in town, will celebrate the release of his latest CD, "I'm Not Angry... Anymore" and give the proceeds from the show to "Open Hearts for Keyport Parks". Read Story