Saturday, August 04, 2007


Last year Voices of Hope Productions interviewed Dr. Chris Myers Asch about an idea of a U.S. Public Service Academy. Asch, and his colleague, Shawn Raymond, have been building support with policy-makers to establish and fund a civilian leadership university modeled after the nation's military service academies. Much like the Peace Corps, the United States Public Service Academy is dedicated to creating a corps of passionate and patriotic civilian leaders willing to devote themselves to the pursuit of academic excellence, civic engagement, and leadership through public service.

Asch says, "There's a diminished sense of public service and what we can do in this country. People don't seem to want to think big anymore. We mock federal bureaucrats and people who dedicate their lives to public service—developing a cynicism about public institutions, but we really need them. That actually inspires us. We can revolutionize the way we see this country. Why not make it happen?"

Now Sen. Hillary Clinton has put these two partners and the U.S. Public Service Academy in the spotlight. Listen to what they have to say in their interview with
Melissa Brock from NPR.

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