Tuesday, May 04, 2010


What were they thinking? There's plenty of data that supports the fact that diet plays a significant role in preventing cancer. So how did the fundraising team at Susan G. Komen decide that a partnership with KFC was a good fit? A KFC press release states, "KFC is joining the fight against breast cancer with a national “Buckets for the Cure™” campaign aimed at educating more women about breast health, generating support for the cause and attempting to make the single largest donation in the history of Susan G. Komen for the Cure." According to bucketsforthecure.com, KFC is contributing 50 cents for each "PINK" bucket sold and their goal is $8.5 million. To date they have raised over $3 million, but only have until May 9th to reach their goal.

Susan G. Komen has long been a recognized and respected brand, but they have led the organization into an ethics quagmire. Unfortunately, by adding KFC to their "Million Dollar Council Elite" the message to women is that funding is more important than women's health.