Tuesday, May 08, 2007


What You Can Do For Peace Today--

Every so often, the right message comes along at just the right time. At a point in history when the world has never needed more peace, comes a book whose message is both ageless and urgently relevant. Where Peace Lives, by Debbie Robins, is a book for all ages about an angel named Peace who’s been locked in a glass box and can’t get out. It’s about the journey to find the Three Keys that will set Peace free. The characters are inspired by the peace teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, Buddha, Gandhi, Christ, Moses and the Prophet Muhammad.

When you click to BRING PEACE HOME, you will also bring home some extraordinary gifts, hand-picked for you by some of the most influential voices for peace of our time. The value of this unprecedented opportunity: gifts of peace in your own life and in the world.

Treat yourself to PEACE.

“....the coolest ride with pearls of wisdom.”

“....a beautiful invitation to practice peace.”

“....a magical fable to delight, inspire and educate.”

“....a roadmap to the soul.”

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