Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Now in its eighth year, Guardian has brought Girls Going Places(R) virtual, by allowing teen entrepreneurs and nominator's unlimited access to program news, highlights and video on YouTube, Facebook and MySpace. Teachers, parents, and community members are encouraged to nominate accomplished young female entrepreneurs between the ages of 12 and 18. Nominations will be accepted through February 29, 2008.

"We're excited to bring the Girls Going Places(R) program online and allow teens and parents full access to this great program that supports women in business of all ages," said Diana Acevedo, National Manager, Girls Going Places, Guardian, New York. "Small business is the main driver of our economy and women account for more than 55% of new startups in the country*. We encourage budding entrepreneurs to go online to learn more about Girls Going Places(R) and how to get involved."

Additional information about the program and nomination forms for the competition can be found on their Website.

Monday, January 28, 2008


British Photographer and Filmmaker Alison Jackson asks, "How do we know when we are looking at something, that it's real or not?...We read all our information through imagery. It's an extremely fast way of getting information and it's extremely difficult to tell if it's real, if it's constructed correctly." Her art and new book illustrate this point beautifully. Using look-a-likes, Jackson plays tricks on her audience to make them think critically about the images they see every day as voyeur paparazzi wanna-be's.

Her perspective is enlightening and worth the 17 minute exploration on her art and business to get an inkling on what drives the mass interest in celebrities.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Adam Rifkin recently released LOOK, a film about the fact that the average American is photographed about 200 times per day. According to Rifkin there are 30 million surveillance cameras capturing 4 billion hours of footage per week in the US in department stores, parking lots, shopping malls, hotel lobbies, public bathrooms, gas stations, and on the roads. That's pretty scary. The idea came to him when he received a traffic ticket that included a photo of him realizing his stupidity of driving through a red light while singing to the radio. He was caught on tape. "The idea that a photograph could be taken of me without my knowledge and then sent to my home address freaked me out a little bit. I started to think, "What other cameras are out there, taking shots of me that I'm not aware of?" There seem to be mixed reviews about the film, but it's worth the consideration just in order to think critically about the "privacy" implications of being watched 24/7, especially when we forget the cameras are out there or don't even realize it.

The film appears to use only surveillance camera footage, but is actually shot using actors and scripted scenes. Probably worth a Look.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


And they'll be sneaky about it.

It looks like NBC takes the cake for tops in product placements. NBC also owns Bravo, so you will see in the chart below that NBC Universal has 8 out of 10 of the top program product placements in 2007. In a rare combination of corporate sponsorship and all-out advertising, on New Years Day, musician Seal performed live on, “The Music of Seal on Ice,” (NBC) while Gold Medalist skaters performed for the crowd with proceeds going to the nonprofit organization Autism Speaks. On a side note, Bob White, Autism Speaks co-founder, whose grandson is autistic, is Vice Chairman of General Electric and served as CEO of NBC for 20 years.

There were quite a few corporate sponsors, one of which was Musselman’s applesauce. The show was quite effective in interviewing the skaters and their families about their Musselman’s healthy snack choices. The show itself was rather odd, but I love Seal and continued to watch in awe while the advertising and promotion machines were seamlessly integrated both in program content and the “traditional” commercial advertising. According to one blogger who was at the “live” event, Seal actually went backstage for 5 of the songs while the skaters performed to canned Seal music, yet the broadcast showed only the Seal live performance. Keep your eye out for more product placements and less 30 minute spots in the future.


1.TYSON - Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC)

2.Sue Bee Honey - The Apprentice LA (NBC)

3.Soft Scrub - The Apprentice LA (NBC)

4.KRAFT - Top Chef (Bravo)

5.Propel Fitness Water - Workout (Bravo)

6.Smart Mouth - The Apprentice LA (NBC)

7.NEXXUS - Shear Genious (Bravo)

8.Second Life - The Office (NBC)

9.Visa - What Not to Wear (TLC)

10.Kenmore - Top Chef (Bravo)

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


With the Iowa Caucus drawing near what presidential candidate are you leaning towards? Don't know? Confused? Here are some fun and handy surveys to take that will only take a few minutes of your time, but may help to clarify your position on issues and that of the candidates.

Select a MPR Candidate Poll

WQAD Select a Candidate Quiz

When you're done with those consider voting on the
MySpace Presidential Primary

Looking for some Iowa Primary statistics?