Sunday, December 03, 2006


Here's my avatar created at If you look on the blog's right column you will see more avatars. An avatar represents an internet user's online image in a digital form. AOL's instant messenger was the first to use these 'buddy icons.' Avatars have been used for some time in video games where the game user digitally alters the looks of their "character" in a similar fashion to traditional paper dolls. Starting with a basic template, avatars are created by interchanging face shape and features, hairstyles, physique, clothing and accessories. Create your own avatar or visit the 13 Most Beautiful Avatars exhibition, which captures the most visually dynamic and celebrated "stars" of Second Life. The Matteses have been living in the virtual world, Second Life, for over a year, exploring its terrain and interacting with its peculiar inhabitants. The result of their "video-game flanerie" is this series of portraits.

The 13 Most Beautiful Avatars images will be exhibited, in the real-world, at the Italian Academy in the Columbia University, New York. Nov. 30 - Dec. 19, 2006 at The Italian Academy, Columbia University (New York)