Tuesday, November 10, 2009


After years of work, Assembly Majority Leader Bonnie Watson Coleman has put together a comprehensive package of bills, which reflects the tremendous outpouring of information, experience, expertise, and recommendations that were made by citizens across the state at the “Counting the Costs” public hearings.

These bills simply cannot make it through both houses of the Legislature without your help! To ensure that the bills get passed, you need to take action now by doing two simple and immediate things:

1) The legislative leadership needs to hear from you directly. They will be the first to see these bills and so it is critical for them to know the level of strong support behind the bills. Therefore, it is urgent that you call your local legislators and soon as possible and tell them: “Please support the following six bills, which will enhance our public safety and save our taxpayer dollars: A4197, A4198, A4199, A4201, A4202, A4203.”

Find local legislators in your municipality.

An attached handout has detailed information about the bills as well as speaking points that can be used to educate others.

2) Forward this information to as many of your colleagues, friends and family as you possibly can, including placing in list servs, newsletters, blogs, fliers, meeting agendas, etc.

Read what some people who participated in the Counting the Costs public hearings had to say.

Proposed Bills
Strengthening Women and Families Act (A4197)
Post-Release Employment Act (A4198)
Administration of Correctional Facilities Act (A4199)
Reduction of Recidivism Act (A4201)
Education and Rehabilitation Act (A4202)
Criminal Penalties Act (A4203)

For more information visit the Second Chance Campaign website.