Sunday, August 05, 2007


You gotta love the web. Dig a little deeper on a subject and you find real gems. What a wonderful world we share with artists...The artist is Blu and I believe he is a genius!


Istanbul, Turkey

I just got around to looking at my July issue of Communication Arts magazine and there's a great article about street art and graffiti. It reminded me of how much I love street art.

Venice Beach, California

Ephemeral art speaks volumes about our culture. No matter what state in the US or country I go to I am always drawn to photograph art I find on walls, buildings and surfaces of utilities.

Avignon, France

Last year when I drove through Venice California, unfortunately I was unable to shoot some of the best examples that I saw there.

Hollywood, California

There's a marvelous blog, called the Wooster Collective with some of the finest street art I've ever seen and some of the very best street artists are literally in our backyard--NYC.

Bodrum, Turkey

The Wooster Collective is a must see. Definitely bookmark it.

Santa Monica, California

The art at the Wooster Collective is truly mesmerizing...