Saturday, August 25, 2007


Well I have to say some people are very creative fund raisers. And there aren't many of them around. It took me some time to read and understand what Nirvan Mullick is doing with his 1-Second Film and this young guy is pure genius. Let me boil down what he's doing. First, Nirvan is a social entrepreneur. He's great with technology and he came up with an idea on how to create a social network that's interested in using art, technology and film to give back.

Now here's the genius part. While living in LA he began hitting the streets to pitch his 1-Second film. His pitch: for just $1 anyone could be a producer of his film. What's the film you ask? 1 Second of large-scale art murals that had been created at an event at CalArts in 2001, with 90 minutes of credits. The credits will include the story of the making of the collaborative effort and all the money donated will go to the Global Fund for Women.

My guess --it wasn't easy because most people would say 'What?-No!" or ignore him and just plain walk away. How different was he than a bum on the street? But then he ran across George Clooney and 1-Second Film history was made. Using well known advertising and sales techniques and lots of roll-up your sleeves attitude, apparently Nirvan lit the ground afire and starting pitching celebrities at places like Sundance. Meanwhile it might help to be at Sundance and win an award which can than give you the credibility to even talk to all these celebs. The celebs laughed at his idea, but some chalked up 100 bucks and more! And on camera to boot! So Nirvan now has a Foundation, he's made over $170,000 and he's raising money for a bus and road trip to pitch to Oprah.

The best part is that this is a huge coalition collaboration. Every person who gives a dollar gets to have a "Producers" profile on the website and there's now over 7000 of them. If you're feeling ambitious you can also submit your own film, create art, etc.

Back to the genius part. Website, 7000 people, $170,000, each producer can raise money on the site, rub elbows with celebrities and feel like they're part of something great and BIG.
The only thing odd is that the charity doesn't have any reference to the project on their website. There's also 5 phases so this kind of social networking fun/fund raising could go on forever and gains momentum every day.

All I can say is "Geez why didn't I think of that?"