Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I recently come across a film and an article on the topic of religion. Religion has always interested me, yet I am not religious. September's issue of National Geographic has a very good article about Pakistan and it's people. The article entitled "Struggle for the Soul of Pakistan" talks about an incredible 79 year old man, Abdul Sattar Edhi who has been tending to the dead bodies which sadly litter the streets of Pakistan. He apparently built up an international foundation with a fleet of over 1000 ambulances and thousands of volunteers. Whenever terror and violence takes over the streets of Pakistan he or one of his volunteers comes forward to the scene. He is quoted saying something that strikes me to the bone,

"I'm a Muslim, but my true religion is human rights."

I really believe as important as religion seems to be in the lives of many, we should respect each other, not for our religious values, but for our human ones.

A friend recently sent me a link to what I believe is a controversial film on religion called Zeitgeist that's worth watching. As we become more globally aware of our religious differences we need to recognize how the world is becoming more polarized around extremes, both politically and religiously. That could end up being very dangerous and it's certainly something to contemplate and to find a solution to. Perhaps we should take heed of Edhi's "enlightened moderation". We can not continue to live with all the violence.